Company Background

Scannex is a privately owned company based in the United Kingdom, with USA offices in Virginia and Nevada, and exports internationally with an impressive client base.

Established in 1978, Scannex has built a worldwide reputation for data collection and secure remote management products with leading edge proprietary technology.

Our commitment to excellence and the highest levels of customer service has ensured that the relationships we build with our distributors are solid and long lasting.


  • R.A., US

    This thing rocks!! It took all of 10 minutes to configure and get all the settings going.

  • D.G., US

    I wish all of our business partners were as attentive as you and the Scannex team are. Your professionalism and follow-through shine :-)!

  • D.W., US

    I am extremely pleased... would highly recommend this product to anyone... Great experience looking forward to many years of continued collaboration with Scannex.

  • J.M., US

    The company we highly recommend is Scannex.

  • J.M., US

    Your enduring support and prompt responses have been invaluable. The information provided was exactly what we needed to resolve our issue and it was handled ultimately better than could have been expected.

  • S.F., US

    The buffer boxes did the trick and resolved all matters with the datastream(s).

  • D.J., US

    Thank you for going above and beyond as usual! ... Greatly appreciate your efforts!

  • S.H., UK

    What excellent service you provide! You should get a supplier of the year award!

  • J.B., UK

    First of all, let me say how refreshing it was to have buffers that were easy to set up, and that worked first time!

  • S.M., UK

    If only all our suppliers products and services were as good and easy to work with.

  • B.E., US

    THANK YOU! Great service as always!