• ip.buffer-N4X


The Scannex ip.buffer range provides a powerful and cost effective solution for the collection of any ASCII or binary data from serial and IP sources. Available in standard commercial packaging for industrial use or NEMA-4X/IP66 enclosure for scientific and marine applications.

The ip.buffer has an extensive range of data delivery options using industry standard Internet TCP/IP protocols. A large non-volatile flash memory enables the ip.buffer to reliably store, monitor and manage a wide range of oceanographic and other sensors.

Bidirectional communication, encryption, and user authentication provide a safe method for remote device administration.

Market Areas

  • Oceanographic telemetry
  • Environmental data collection
  • Scientific data collection
  • Industrial data collection

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  • Flexible scripting.
    Powerful Lua scripting for complex string detection, modification, and filtering of incoming data. Allows complex power management.

  • Packaging options.
    Available in commercial and rugged NEMA-4X/IP66 packaging.

  • Collect from Serial + IP sources.
    Collect from TCP/IP enabled devices (including raw, Telnet, FTP, UDP, Syslog, SNMP trap, RADIUS Accounting), or collect from standard RS232/V24 sources.

  • Multi-port data collection.
    Each channel can be configured individually allowing any mix of data collection, alarm detection and management over network or modem.

  • 3G cellular modem option.
    Optional 3G modem provides fall-back data delivery if the main network fails, and also allows administration of the ip.buffer over the cellular network.

  • Flexible delivery.
    Deliver data by raw TCP/IP push or pull, Email, HTTP post, FTP/SFTP push or FTP pull.

  • Secure transfers.
    Industry standard TLS/SSL with AES-256 encryption for "banking-grade" security on all delivery options, or SFTP/SSH secure push.

  • Pro-active.
    Email, HTTP, and SNMP trap notifications on important events.

  • Reliable.
    Uses the high assurance INTEGRITY Operating System from Green Hills Software.

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