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The rt.buffer is designed for telemetry in the utilities and oceanographic markets.

Full script support allows the rt.buffer to be adapted immediately to any market that requires serial communications, digital pulse counting, and high-precision ADC measurements.

An embedded 3G cellular modem provides full remote management and Internet based data delivery.

Market Areas

  • Water metering
  • Tide level monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Level alarm detection
  • RS-485/ModBus data collection from multiple sensors


  • Ultra low power.
    Achieve in excess of 5 year battery life (collecting data once per minute, delivering every 24 hours)

  • Driverless USB interface.
    No drivers needed for Windows tools. Verbose log outputs show what is happening in real-time - making it easier to debug site issues.

  • Collect RS-232 devices.
    Full support for 300-115200 baud. Devices can send unsolicited data, or the rt.buffer can perform scripted communications to extract data from the device.

  • ModBus RTU.
    Full ModBus RTU over RS-232 (or RS-485 with adapter) allows multiple sensors on the same bus.

  • High precision ADC.
    24-bit ADC for pressure sensor readings, etc

  • Digital pulse inputs.
    Digital pulse counting, or level detection, from 2 inputs (up to 120Hz).

  • 3G cellular modem.
    Powerful embedded 3G modem provides full Internet access with FTP/FTP+SSL push to server.

  • Remote management.
    Complete control over cellular for firmware updates, diagnostics, script modifications, etc

  • Compressed delivery.
    Data is delivered in gzip compressed format to reduce data usage over 3G.

  • Large flash memory.
    128 Mega-bytes of storage for Lua Apps, data, configurations, etc

  • Fully scriptable.
    Effectively a "platform" that provides full Lua-based scripting of data collection formats, delivery schedules, and communication to the device.

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