Scientific & Engineering

Data Collection

The ip.buffer supports a broad range of protocols — over serial and network. Additional protocols can be added easily at runtime using its powerful scripting core.

Designed to be highly reliable the ip.buffer can be safely placed in remote locations for data collection. Optional POTS/PSTN and 3G cellular modems can extend the network coverage and simplify installation.

Data can be pushed back to your central server using a wide range of standard protocols, such as FTP, SFTP, email, and HTTP post back to a regular web server.

Protocol Conversion

The ip.buffer can convert protocols between serial and networked devices.

In addition, the powerful scripting core can allow you to route, filter, modify and store incoming data. For example, equipment that outputs real time and report data can have the data split and sent to different locations.

For one real-world solution, Scannex wrote scripts to buffer and push real time environmental information to a central site, while routing user reports dynamically to a network connected laser printer.

Data sheets